40 Days of Service

Help us help others in our community!

During 40 Days of Service, our community comes together to serve our most vulnerable with love, respect and dignity. Inspired by the calls to prayer, fasting, and charity during Lent, the 40 days leading to Easter, 40 Days of Service now engages thousands of people every year.

Our extensive range of service opportunities impacts the residents at our shelters, families with young children, people struggling with food insecurity, school-aged children, veterans, seniors, and others.

The work that our volunteers do and the impact that it has in our community is unparalleled. We are so grateful for the way volunteers serve our neighbors with love, respect, and dignity.

How Do You Want to Serve?

Below are the 40 Days of Service volunteer opportunities. Click the event to learn more and to sign up. Signing up through GivePulse allows us to track how many people will attend and helps us prepare a safe work environment.

Let's Get Inspired!