Catholic Charities Uvalde

Beginning Wednesday, May 25, 2022, Catholic Charities will provide crisis relief services to those affected by the school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.
Catholic Charities will provide emergency financial assistance for family members who need to travel to Uvalde. All services provided to those affected by the school shooting are free.

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Catholic Charities counselors are in Uvalde welcoming children, family, friends, and teachers at Sacred Heart Church Monday through Saturday. Our trauma-informed counselors will remain six days a week for many months to come to provide healing with love, respect, and dignity.
For those who wish to receive therapy in the comfort and safety of their homes, call our Grace Counseling at (210) 377-1133 to schedule a virtual appointment. Click the button below to to complete an intake form for staff to call you.

Cards, Letters, and Posters for Uvalde

Catholic Charities is receiving cards and posters of love and support for the Uvalde community. Staff will deliver them to children, families, friends, and the brave teachers in Uvalde so they can feel the warmth and love of our country during this difficult time.
Please show support of Uvalde by sending or dropping off letters, cards, and poster boards at the Catholic Charities office.
202 West French Place
San Antonio, TX 78212