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Family and Children’s Services provide family support education and services to strengthen families, empower parents or caregivers, and build happy, nurtured children.

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Parents with children who are prenatal to 36 months of age can register for free classes  by calling Natasha Bridges at (210) 222-1294.

Programs available to promote happy families include:

Supporting Dads – Fathers of children ages 0-17 (210) 226-6178

• A free, group-based, 12-week class for fathers who want to become more active, engaged dads. Classes include what it means to be a man, productive communication, discipline techniques, managing emotions, case management, and basic needs assistance for baby. English and Spanish sessions available.

All fathers who are expecting or parenting a child 0-17 years of age are eligible.

Family ConnectsMoms who have given birth at Children’s Hospital of San Antonio (210) 226-3030

A free community-wide nurse home visiting program for parents of newborns. A registered nurse provides up to two home visit to each enrolled family and offers supportive guidance of newborn care and postpartum care with resources and referrals.

Additional assistance provided through parenting education, counseling, financial assistance, and more.

• English and Spanish sessions available.

To be Eligible:

• Must have given birth at Children’s Hospital of San Antonio 0-12 weeks postpartum.

• Recruiting typically done in the hospital before mom is discharged, however eligible clients can call or email to set up visit.

Guadalupe HomeHomeless expectant mothers and homeless mothers with infants (210) 476-0707

• A transitional living and support program for expectant mothers and mothers with infants who are experiencing homelessness.

• Mothers have a safe place to live and to prepare for birth, as well as have a home-like environment in which to nurture their baby.

• Mothers must be willing to participate in an educational program or maintain employment.

• Case management, parenting education, life skills training and counseling are provided for all mothers.

• May remain in the program until child is 3 years of age.

Parents As Teachers – Parents & caregivers with children prenatal to 3 years (210) 226-6178

• A free program that provides long-term, home-based parenting education for parents and caregivers who are expecting or have at least one child in the house under the age of 3 years, to increase parent knowledge in those critical first five years of development and to promote school-readiness.

• Parents will receive a 1 hour home visit, twice a month up to the child’s fifth birthday.

• Visits include parent-child activities that provide opportunities for learning through play, topics to help the parents grow in understanding of the importance of the first three years of development which includes challenges and family dynamics that impact parenting, and a check-in on the family well-being to provide support and connection to resources.

To Be Eligible:

• Families with 2 or more needs (i.e. high stress, parent conflict, stress managing child behavior, lack of support, experiencing depression/anxiety, need child development knowledge & appropriate expectations, homelessness, non-traditional family structure) with a child 0-3 years in the home living in Bexar County.

Nurse-Family Partnership – Low-income, first-time mothers, less than 28 week weeks pregnant (210) 226-3030

• A free maternal and childhood health program providing first-time mothers valuable knowledge and support throughout pregnancy and until their baby reaches 24 months old.

First-time mothers are paired with nurse home visitors to improve prenatal health, child health and development, and increased economic self-sufficiency.

English and Spanish sessions available.

To Be Eligible:

Low-income, first-time mothers less than 28 weeks pregnant

Nurturing Families – Parents who are expecting or have a child under 3 years (0-36months) (210) 222-1294

Free group-based parenting and family-strengthening education and support sessions for parents and caregivers of children up to 36 months.

• Parents will receive a 2 hour parenting education in a judgment-free, safe environment at various sites throughout the Bexar County, once a week for 12 sessions. Light refreshments provided.

• English and Spanish classes are available.

Focuses on encouraging nurturing interactions between parents and their children, improving social connections for families and increasing school readiness for children.

San Antonio Birth Doulas – Doula support & one-on-one education for expectant and new parents (210) 222-0988

• Provides pregnant and new parents with support and one-one-one education during pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, newborn care, and bonding. Childbirth preparation classes and lactation consultation are available.

• Doulas are available to provide ongoing, in-person support during labor, birth and postpartum period.

• Free services are available to low-income pregnant women and pregnant teens, and their families.

Our Nurturing Families Program and Parenting Services are now available at the Catholic Charities Del Rio office!
106 Miers Dr.
Del Rio, TX 78840
Call (210) 242-3100 or visit for more information